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Using Pruvin


Once daily, mix a single packet of Pruvin into a large glass of water, stirring until it is clear, and drink.

Most take Pruvin in the morning sometime between breakfast and lunch, so it’s neither on an empty nor a full stomach.


Don’t expect a sugary beverage, Pruvin tastes more like medicine. As people take it for their health, we did not load it with sugar like most supplements do. Many find that Pruvin tastes just fine given that understanding, whereas others prefer to sweeten it up. The choice is yours.

Tips for making Pruvin taste better:

★  Mix it until clear in 12 ounces of cold water.

★  Add flavor drops like Mio or Dasani, or flavored drink mix like Crystal Light.

Do not add Pruvin to a smoothie (it will ruin the taste) or a hot beverage (the heat may impact Pruvin’s efficacy.)

Take Pruvin Every Day

It takes 2 to 4 weeks for Pruvin to reach the tens of trillions of cells in your body and begin producing the maximum metabolic benefit. You should take Pruvin every day to reach and maintain this optimal level. If you stop taking Pruvin, your system will revert to its prior metabolic state, usually within two weeks.

Adapting to Pruvin

How a body reacts to Pruvin varies by individual. During the first month of use, while Pruvin is priming and cleaning your system, you may experience gas, an upset stomach, and/or a more frequent need to use the restroom. These may include a sulfur odor. All are a natural part of the systemic cleansing process. All typically pass within 2 to 4 weeks as your body adapts.

Embrace this phase! These are signs that your body needed Pruvin, and that Pruvin is working hard to improve your health. Feel good knowing that you are benefiting from a natural cleansing process, and that it will pass as soon as you’re cleaned up.

Stick With It

Healthy, significant change takes time. While Pruvin does start working immediately, it may take time for you to feel, see, and measure the results. Stick with it! Continue to use Pruvin every day for at least two months to learn what it will do for you.

Pruvin users will likely notice these benefits

See Feel Measure The Results

The degree to which you notice these benefits will depend on your biochemistry, which varies greatly from individual to individual, and within an individual over time.