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Using Pruvin

Mixing Instructions:

Once daily, mix a single packet of Pruvin® powder into a large glass of cold water. Stir to dissolve. Drink immediately. For first 7 days, mix ½ of a single Pruvin® packet into water to allow your body time to adjust.


★  Mixing with juice is fine, but not hot beverages

★  Adding sweetener or flavoring is fine

Take Pruvin® Every Day:

In clinical studies, the ingredients in Pruvin were taken daily to see a benefit. Based on this we recommend you take Pruvin every day.

Adapting to Pruvin®:

How a body reacts to Pruvin® varies by individual. During the first month of use, you may experience gas and upset stomach, and/or a more frequent need to use the restroom. The digestive discomfort typically subsides within 4 weeks as your body adapts.

Stick With It:

While Pruvin® does start working immediately, it may take time for you to feel, see, and measure results.

The degree to which you notice these benefits will depend on your biochemistry, which varies greatly from individual to individual, and within an individual over time.