Meet Mike Morgan. He is a 41-year-old from Houston, Texas who regularly competes in international obstacle course race competitions, such as BattleFrog, Spartan Race, and Savage Race, which has five to 18 kilometers of obstacles and 25 to 40 different obstacles, and is widely considered to be the most challenging of all obstacle courses. This year, he has placed as high as 3rd in the world. We sat down with Mike to find out the secret to his recent success.

VL: Mike – you’ve been doing this competition for years, but never ranked near the top until this year. What has made the difference for you?

Mike: Well, as a 41-year-old guy, I’m no longer a spring chicken. My body doesn’t function the way it used to in my 20s, so I’ve got to be smarter about exploring every option to get my body to work more efficiently. As a former personal trainer and football player, I know a lot about the body, and about dietary supplements. One of the options that I’ve recently started exploring is a new dietary supplement called Pruvin.

VL: Tell us more about Pruvin.

Mike: Well, my doctor recommended it to me, and it is made up of two key amino acids that the body stops producing as we get older. These amino acids are responsible for our metabolic function. I’ve been taking it for about three months now. I feel strongly that it has made a huge difference in my body composition – I look and feel leaner, and now have a mid-section like I had in my 20s. It’s also helped increase my endurance and cut my recovery time, so I can work out harder and more often, and it’s made me feel more youthful.

VL: Wow – that sounds amazing. How are you sure it ‘s due to the Pruvin?

Mike: Well, I stopped taking it for about 8-10 days, and then I started feeling sluggish and started to carry more water weight. So it was pretty obvious.

VL: Is there any advice you would give to other people 40+ who are struggling with body composition or metabolism issues, whether that be weight or performance issues?

Mike: Yes – keep an open mind to options that you might not have thought about or considered before. That’s what I did with Pruvin and the difference is incredible.

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