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Building Bridges to Better Health

Pruvin is brought to you by Vitavis Laboratories, Inc., a life sciences company developing metabolic optimization products. It is the product of 14 years of research and development. Pruvin helps your metabolism run more like it did when you were younger, producing more energy, burning more fat, and generating fewer toxins.

Vitavis Laboratories’ products use natural ingredients to stimulate and improve natural biological processes. They work with your system, rather than tricking or jolting it, making them beneficial to your long-term health while satisfying your short-term needs.

Vitavis, whose name derives from the conjunction of the Latin words for life, vita, and force, vis, was founded by a group of Harvard and Wharton alumni with extensive experience in clinical research, product development, and executive management within the life sciences industry. Pruvin was developed in close collaboration with Dr. R. V. Sekhar, M.D., a recipient of the prestigious Young Investigator Innovation Award from the American Diabetes Association and American Geriatrics Society, and with Baylor College of Medicine, where Dr. Sekhar is an Associate Professor of Medicine.

Vitavis Laboratories, Inc. is headquartered in San Ramon, California and is privately held. Please feel free to contact us with your input or questions.