Vitavis Laboratories is thrilled to be announcing the launch of Pruvin today, in part because it has taken 14 years of research and development to make this happen. “What could take so long?” you might ask. With this, our inaugural blog, I wanted to share with you some insider insight regarding this question.

Unlike the vast majority of dietary supplements, which are branded mixes of existing products intended for established uses, Pruvin comes from substantial original research at one of the most respected medical institutions in the US, Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), and there is nothing else like it on the market.

Back in 2000, research physicians at BCM set out to discover how our metabolism changes as we age. They began with a hypothesis and tested it thoroughly and repeatedly in multiple human clinical trials. Each round took years to design, fund, implement, analyze, and publish to sufficient acclaim in the medical community to secure support for the next round of testing.

Pruvin Box With Stick Packs

Then came the patenting, formulation, and commercialization process, which added many years to the timeline. Patent applications of this caliber are like PhD theses, and the formulation of novel compounds is more like building a rocket than assembling a bike (myriad complex interactions need to be balanced with precision to produce the desired result.)

What you now get to enjoy as a result is an advance in medicine that was not previously available. Pruvin is based on a new understanding of how our metabolism changes as we age. In short, it fills a gap that age creates, and by doing so enables you to feel young again.

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Tim Tigner
Tim Tigner
Tim is the CEO of Vitavis Laboratories, a best-selling author, and a veteran of the US Army Special Forces. He has been working in the healthcare industry since 1990 in positions that include the Chairman of Board of the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and numerous global leadership roles at Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson. He has an MA in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Wharton.

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